Governor Bevin needs Education on Medical Marijuana

Governor Matt Bevin needs to be educated on medical marijuana. “The news article ‘Marijuana Overdoses Kill 37 in Colorado On First Day of Legalization’ was a hoax, but the Governor isn’t well read enough to realize this. By the time the commonwealth legalizes medical marijuana, it will be too late for Kentuckians to benefit from it,” stated Kentucky Equality Federation Secretary-General Jordan Palmer.

“‘People will drive when they are stoned’ some say, well, in Kentucky, it is illegal to #drive on high blood pressure medication, pain medication, etc. so they are already driving stoned. I am however pleased the Governor gave us a way to remedy the situation by stating ‘as long as I am Governor’ well, thankfully we will have an election soon enough.”

“We are sick of big brother and government telling the unemployed what they can and cannot do to earn a living. Marijuana addiction is rare, the chances are greater to become an alcoholic. Marijuana cannot lead to a fatal overdose, and it is not a gateway drug. I hope the Kentucky House of Representatives and the Kentucky Senate will pass the legislation and should the Governor veto it, I pray they override his veto. The mentality of the Bevin Administration is to be last at everything, and unemployment isn’t on their minds; thousands of unemployed coal miners could easier become marijuana farmers.”

“Again we have an Administration in Frankfort, Kentucky that doesn’t care about the Southern Region of the Commonwealth. I had much rather our youth use marijuana as a recreational drug than cocaine or crystal meth.”