Kentucky Equality Federation vows to sue if Senate Bill 180 becomes law

The Interim Membership Committee of the Kentucky Equality Federation voted to permit the president or secretary-general of the alliance to sue the Commonwealth of Kentucky if Senate Bill 180 is passed by the House of Representatives and signed into law by Governor Matt Bevin.

Senate Bill 180 would legally protect businesses that, refuse to service gay and lesbian couples because of the ‘religious beliefs’ of management/owner.

This law is unconstitutional, just as it would have been more than fifty years ago when governments passed similar laws related to interracial couples, and ‘white schools not permitting ‘black students’, the very notion of offensive. ” stated Secretary-General Jordan Palmer. “Having sued the Commonwealth for marriage equality in addition to forcing single religious views out of public schools, our legal department is more than ready.”

Palmer added: “This is absolutely ridiculous. What’s next? Separate restrooms?”

The Kentucky Equality Federation alliance includes Marriage Equality Kentucky, Southeastern Kentucky Stop Hate Group, Western KY Community Education Project, Kentucky HIV Advocacy Campaign, and Kentucky Equal Ballot Access. The Federation funds alliance members and each receive a single vote for a unifying secretary-general.