Kim Davis Won’t Resign, Plans to Appeal Contempt Ruling

Morehead, KY (By Micheal Inzaghi) – Kim Davis can either let her deputy clerks issue the licenses or gay couples can travel to other offices, he says.

“She’s being held in contempt because she’s refusing to follow a district court decision in a suit to which she is a party, holding that same-sex couples have a right to obtain marriage licenses from her”, Vladek said.

With Davis still in jail for contempt over her refusal to issue marriage licenses, others in her office did begin issuing the documents today in Rowan County, after pledging they would do so under oath in a federal courtroom Thursday. “She may be the example that sparks a firestorm of resistance across this country”.

“What we end up having is the first example of the criminalization of a Christian for believing in the traditional definition of marriage“, Huckabee told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “The Lead” Friday.

“God is going to continue to bless Kim Davis“, Steele said before leading the group in prayer. “The County Clerk has presented her position through the federal court system, all of the way to the U.S. Supreme Court“. Who will be next?

And what of religious liberty? And it’s not just mine, it’s also Justice Roberts’ opinion. A hearing on the motion is set for Thursday.

“It is not a light issue for me”.

He said the governor could issue an executive order to solve the problem.

A lawyer for Davis – Mat Staver – responded on Friday by saying that the licenses issued without her consent are void. The process could involve a notary public who does not object to the law.

Activist Jordan Palmer and the Kentucky Equality Federation, which campaigns on gay rights, said Davis’ religious beliefs were “incompatible with the elected office she holds”, and called for her to be impeached. Minister Jordan Palmer the secretary-general of the federation said the situation is analogous to [Kentucky] Governor Steve Beshear refusing to aid a region of the Commonwealth during a disaster because they are Methodist, Catholic, or they voted for a different political party.

Palmer added “It is similar to a clerk refusing to issue driver’s licenses to taxpayers of a certain gender because they don’t believe they are religiously permitted to drive. Would we tolerate a governor or president who refused to repel an invasion or defend the lives they have sworn to safeguard?”

One question that remains is if these licenses will remain valid after Davis is out of jail.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who has struggled for attention in the crowded 2016 contest, lashed out at Trump on Twitter. “Even really rich New Yorkers should oppose jailing Christians for their religious beliefs”.

Ryan Anderson, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a Washington-based conservative think tank, said the state legislature should remove clerks’ names from the licenses as Davis has asked.

“In the majority of states … you could be married on Saturday, post your Facebook pictures on Sunday and be fired from your job or kicked out of your apartment on Monday”, he said.

Supporter David Baugus said he came out to keep his voice alive. “So you know, it’s a very tough situation”.


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