Protest outside Governor’s Derby breakfast

Nearly 20 gay-rights activists stood Saturday morning near the state Capitol during the Governor’s Derby breakfast to protest Gov. Ernie Fletchers decision not to veto $11 million in funding for a planned pharmacy program at the University of the Cumberlands.

The private Baptist school in Williamsburg kicked out a student for being gay.

Members of the Kentucky Equality Association, which was formed in November, wore stickers saying, Second Class Citizen, and others held signs saying, “God Made Me Gay,” and “Don’t Fund Hate.”

Fletcher said he wasn’t aware of the protest but said he welcomed them. I wish they’d come in and have a little breakfast. Maybe they’d feel a little more amicable, he said.

Jordan Palmer, association president, said no thanks.

I don’t want to go in and have breakfast. I don’t want to be around the governor, said Palmer, a Republican hotel owner from Covington.

Palmer said he voted for Fletcher and supported him until he withdrew job protections for gay and lesbian state workers and decided not to veto the funding for the University of the Cumberlands.

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