Jackson County student won’t return to school after the hate crime attack

Jackson County student won’t return to school after the hate crime attack. Jordan Palmer and the Kentucky Equality Federation respond.

Controversy continues to build over an incident at an eastern Kentucky high school that some call a hate crime.

State police have said they believe the arrest of three Jackson County High School seniors for kidnapping and attempted murder may have been the result of a prank on a friend.

That student’s mother isn’t buying it and now an advocacy group is stepping in.

The Kentucky Equality Federation says what happened to the Jackson County High School student, Cheyenne Williams, was most definitely a hate crime, despite what police are saying.

Activist Jordan Palmer with the Kentucky Equality Federation (KEF), a member of the Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) says he’s done investigating of his own and says since the alleged murder of Williams by three of her classmates.

Palmer says, “They gave her six months to change her sexual orientation, did not change of course so because she did not change orientation they took the action they took.”

Williams allegedly broke free from the three seniors in question after being kidnapped and taken to Flatlick Falls, where she says they tried to push her over.

Despite all that happened Palmer says Williams is willing to fight and says so is his and his organizations.

Palmer also says his organization will help the victim’s family, a civil lawsuit if necessary.

Cheyenne Williams’ mother says her daughter will not return to Jackson County High School.

Dee Johnson told the Lexington Herald Leader Williams has enough credits to graduate and it would not be safe to go back to school.

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